Our Safe Kids Initiative protects LGBTQ youth in California. By passing legislation that supports LGBTQ youth, and engaging in trainings, teach-ins and empowerment workshops at local schools and homeless shelters, we are changing laws, hearts and minds to make our communities safe for young queer and trans people.


Canvass for a Cause is educating the public about issues affecting LGBTQ youth, especially houselessness. We have had over 800,000 conversations with the public about protecting LGBTQ youth in California. Right now, we are building our outreach program to work closely with schools and houseless shelters in San Diego.


Right now, LGBTQ students drop out of high school at triple the national rate. 42% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. With unsupportive communities and unsafe schools and shelters, these youth are denied the chance to succeed.

Changing hearts and minds, one voter at a time!

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