Canvass for a Cause was one of ten queer rights organizations to be sent a cake in the mail by Aaron and Melissa Klien, owners of Sweet Cakes Bakery, recently sued for not providing cakes to same sex couples. We also received a gift card, a letter and a homophobic propaganda film.

LGBT Weekly: “San Diego LGBT advocacy group receives cake from Oregon bakers who refused to bake same-sex wedding cake”

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: “San Diego organization receives a “hate cake” from anti-LGBT bakers, here’s what they plan to do with it”

We are auctioning off this cake to re-direct the money spent on The Klein Family’s “gesture of love” to the transgender community. All proceeds will be split by Trans* Life Line and Canvass for a Cause’s, The Syra Project. Trans* Life Line provides support to the transgender and gender nonconforming community in times of crisis. The Syra Project will provide safe housing, food, and transportation to the transgender community of San Diego starting with those who need it most, transgender women of color.