CFAC Field is at the heart of the progressive movement. Although not directly funded by our donors (whose amazing support sustains our grassroots canvassing efforts) our Field Team is ready to take direct action in local, statewide, and nationwide issues that affect the LGBTQ community and threaten progressive politics.



Canvass for a Cause has always identified as a Gay Group that Gives Back. Many of the ways we do this is through coalition-building and allyship for other struggles, often facilitated by the field team. We participate and plan local, national and international solidarity actions, all 100% funded by our canvassers & grassroots activism.

We see ourselves as both constant trainers and students, giving the tools we have learned to other community members, and evaluating and refining our tools from the skills shared by others. Ever been to a teach-in, rally, protest, party, phone bank or Knock with CFAC? Then you have already been a part of our community efforts!

In short, CFAC Field does the groundwork needed to move voters because we believe in the power of the people. We catalyze change by going out there and taking direct, effective action on behalf of important progressive causes. We work to empower others to make change on issues important to them, providing them with the tools necessary to run successful campaigns and projects. Check out our Solidarity Calendar of Events below for upcoming actions!

Stop & Dial efforts against the Pray the Gay Away Bill