We are dedicated to the fight for full rights for LGBT people, one such area of inequality being same-sex marriage. Not only are we out canvassing to educate the public and garner support, but we take on field projects in California and other states. We will not stop until equality is won!


The Continuing Struggle

In June 2013, Canvass for a Cause partnered up with the SAME Alliance to celebrate the Supreme Court decisions striking down the second clause of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. We not only wanted to celebrate the victory, but also convey the message that our struggle as queer people isn’t over yet! CFAC’s own Cathy Carmack and Alfie Padilla joined other awesome speakers in getting the crowd pumped up for a march through the streets. Speakers reminded the crowd of the other issues that the LGBT community still faces, including workers’ rights, rights for transgender people and immigration reform.

After the rally, CFAC activists lead the march through Hillcrest. We provided plenty of bodies, signs and flags to help make the march a huge success! We marched all the way from Park Ave to 5th Ave and back, chanting the entire way. Cars and passersby clapped, honked, and congratulated the crowd of happy queers as we made our way down the streets. It was an inspiring event that allowed us to celebrate a victory and overcome adversity, while also reminding ourselves that struggle is how we won these rights, and there’s still a lot of struggle left to go!

CFAC sent a team to New York to phonebank Republican Senators who were on the fence about marriage equality.



One of our most moving events is called Knock 4 Equality, a get-out-the-vote effort aimed at changing the hearts and minds of non-supportive voters. This volunteer-driven door-to-door effort uses targeted voter data along with our partnership with the Voter Action Network to perform strategic persuasions of voters with over a 36% success rate. We can make our community a little bit safer each time we open ourselves up to face-to-face conversations with the public.



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