Canvass for a Cause is proud to employ trained activists who are ready and able to take immediate action whenever an urgent situation arises! When we become aware of a call for justice in our communities, we mobilize a strike team of activists to take action, raise awareness and build public pressure!



On Friday August 9, 2013, CFAC sent two strike teams out in Northern and Southern California to pass The School Success and Opportunity Act in support of transgender youth! Four CFAC activists took action in Hillcrest, on the corners of University & 5th, in support of AB 1266. Five CFAC activists took action in Sacramento, not only mobilizing the public, but delivering over 1,000 letters of support to the Governor. In 4 hours, more than 170 people stopped & placed a call to Governor Brown’s office, urging him to sign the bill into law!

On Monday, August 12th, the next business day, Governor Brown signed AB1266 into law, making California the first state to pass a law providing students that identify as transgender equal access to sports facilities & bathrooms that correlate with their gender identity! Thank you to all of our supporters who made this victory possible!

Using Stop & Dial to make our voices heard!

Why Strike?

Our teams of activists use their time to take direct and organized action. We use the skills we have while canvassing to organize stop & dials, decline to sign campaigns, support rallies, protests, fundraising for community members, and also get parties in contact with materials and support groups that they might otherwise not have access to. Generally, we make a lot of noise, garnering attention to important, often-overlooked issues, and we get RESULTS!

Why? Because it is so important to have people standing up for equality and justice and affirm our ability to change our communities to be safer for all oppressed people! Our unofficial motto is: canvassing can save the world!