Since 2009 Canvass for a Cause has been educating the public about LGBTQ issues through face to face conversations. After having recently passed their millionth conversation, CFAC has launched their first c3 program, The Syra Project. The Syra Project is a grassroots housing program designed to provide safe housing food and transportation to homeless transgender individuals. The Syra project is especially focused on supporting trans women of color due to the disproportionate amount of discrimination faced by this community.

97% of transgender people have been harassed while at work.
29% of transgender people have been denied access to a shelter because of their gender identity.
One in five transgender individuals have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives.
50% of transgender people have been assaulted.

To stop this epidemic, we must take action immediately. Canvass for a Cause is looking for monthly support, including donations, furnishing,clothing, food and volunteers with special skills in legal and/or social services.