As the Occupy movement grew throughout the country, adding political groups, active military personnel, veterans, activist groups and labor unions, Canvass for a Cause joined in with 16,000 members, 50+ staff statewide, and over 20 volunteers. CFAC is proud to have endorsed this important movement, and although there is less physical gathering in San Diego, continues to do work with people from and in the spirit of Occupy.



“Canvass for a Cause is no stranger to fighting corporate interests to preserve our rights as citizens to engage the public on important human rights issues,” says Executive Director Tres Watson. “Despite Target Corporation’s attempt to demolish our right to exercise free speech when they sued us last March, we continued to canvass in front of Targets and won the initial proceeding in our case,” he continued.

Target sued Canvass for a Cause early last year, reportedly because CFAC talks about “queer issues” in front of the corporation.

“What we learned from this fight and what we are working to accomplish by endorsing Occupy San Diego is that we, the 99%, must reclaim our country and put ourselves on the line for social justice,” declares Canvass for a Cause Field Director Michelle Deutsch.

Canvass for a Cause has created an LGBT/Queer safe space, offering LGBT and civil rights education and utilizing CFAC’s time-tested field work methods to bolster the organizing capacity of the movement. Among other workshops being held, CFAC attorney Rachel Scoma will hold a “know your rights training.”





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